Persona Software for Experience Marketers

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  • Achieve empathy with your users' experience
  • Challenge assumptions regarding your customer's needs and expectations
  • Develop better ideas and innovate your service

Illustrate personas and their experience with your service, product, or brand

 Gain a better understanding of your customer’s 

personality, expectations, and needs.

Step 1

Develop your persona

  • CUSTOMIZE. Use a flexible template to add relevant details.

  • SHOW. Use pictures to support descriptions.

  • EXPORT. Create high-resolution PDF exports.
  • ILLUSTRATE. Include emotion, importance, storyboards and backstage processes.

  • CUSTOMIZE. Create your individual map by choosing the lanes you need.

  • COLLABORATE. Co-create with your team by using the comment mode and read-only maps.

  • EXPORT. Print and share high-resolution PDF, PowerPoint and Excel files.

Step 2

Create a journey map to illustrate your persona's experience with the service

Want to learn more about the features and functions?

The guide summarizes how to create journey maps and personas with Smaply.

Finally start understanding your customer!

No credit card required

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